The goal is to provide useful and meaningful views of the system, so that all Operations and Management personnel can understand and navigate through the system.

Through operational development meetings, we gain information as to the proposed system, and the appropriate SCADA display screens (some samples from various SCADA Systems are included in our HMI literature package). We ‘fine tune’ these in subsequent meetings to accurately reflect the client’s facilities.

We do not give you ‘pre-packaged’ display screens that may have little relevance to your actual system.  We always give the client and their staff opportunities to ‘change’ and ‘refine’ the HMI software, so it will truly meet their needs.

Our premise is to make the displays indicative of the client’s system and operations.  As many clients have never had a SCADA system, it would be very unfair for us to expect them to know, from only a single meeting, exactly what they want.