Our Approach

Having provided a large number of SCADA Systems, through our parent company ATSI, and actually being there through the entire design, development, installation and training process, we have developed expertise in providing systems that meet Client’s goals and budgets.  To do this, we bring well over 70 years of total experience to the effort. We understand your dependence upon your SCADA System, so our goal is to provide you with a system that meets your needs, is fault tolerant and is easy to expand as requirements change in the future. We work closely with clients to not only understand their infrastructure, but also their existing system, if any, and their operations, methods, and requirements. Coupling this with an understanding of their desires and goals for the new system, leads to the design and development of a system that not only meets the needs and goals of today, but also those of the future.


It should always be understood that the supplier’s goal should be to meet the client’s expectations. We have detailed meetings with clients to accurately determine the operational parameters the client wishes to meet. Our approach is not to dictate to a client how to operate/manage their facilities, but to reflect the client’s wishes in our design

We ask some very probing questions as to why they operate the way they do, looking for ways to ‘optimize’ the system, and to better assist the client by taking advantage of new capabilities. This work results in a fine tuning of both the field hardware and the SCADA software. We understand that various ‘features’ may not be ‘benefits’ to some clients.  Therefore, just because a product has a feature, it may not be provided to a client, just because it’s there.