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THE TUNNEL PROJECT brings a practical approach to SCADA System design.  Rather than being a ‘typical’ consulting firm with little ‘actual’ experience in implementing SCADA systems, our company has been actively engaged, through its parent company ATSI, in the evaluation, design, implementation, testing and support of SCADA systems for a number of years.

Besides our offices in Australia we offer professional SCADA consultancy services in India and Arabian gulf countries through our experienced staff in the region.

On Overview:

  • Long-Term Client Relationships – We’re in it for the long-run with our clients
  • Practical approach to SCADA System Design – ‘Fault-Tolerant’ and ‘Fail-Safe’ Systems.  We heartily recommend the use of ‘intelligent’ SCADA products, and we will aid in the logic design.  The goal is to have a reliable system where the SCADA Software is only a ‘window’ into the system, and not the controlling agent.  It is through this Distributed Control System (DCS) design, that greater reliability is obtained.
  • Energy Conservation Techniques – Several ways for your SCADA system to save money
  • Licensed and Unlicensed Radio Systems – Both types of communications systems, as well as wire, fiber, microwave, etc.,  are available.  There are positives and negatives to all of these.  We point these out in your particular system, giving you the information so your system will be reliable.  Many consulting firms have little practical experience in actually obtaining licenses or using unlicensed radio systems.  This often leads them to design systems that are expensive to maintain and problematic.  We have been 100% successful in obtaining licensed frequencies for our clients.
  • Open Architecture – Our designs take advantage of Open Architecture products.  The goal is to provide a reliable SCADA System that does not lock the owner into only one supplier.  Additionally, many clients have some sort of current infrastructure that may have existing PLC type devices.  Rather than replacing these, the goal is to attempt to utilize, as much as is practical, existing systems, so costs may be reduced.
  • Easily Expandable – We know of very few clients who will accurately be able to address  where their system will need to be in three to five years.  Therefore, we point them towards systems and products where the terms ‘expansion’ and ‘upgrade’ don’t mean, ‘replace the entire system.’
  • Obsolete Proof – We recommend against products that seem to have ‘built-in’ times for replacement.  We point clients towards systems where new ‘features’ and ‘capabilities’ may be easily implemented, just by downloading new firmware and application logic.
  • Reliable – We also know there will be issues that will arise over the years, which will threaten your system.  Site failures, power failures, computer failures, etc.  Things do not  always run smoothly.  Our designs take these ‘events’ into consideration, so there will be no ‘single point’ in the system, whose failure would cause the entire system to fail.  This approach includes the radio system, as there are many systems presently being implemented, with designs that could ultimately cause the entire system to fail.

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