SCADA HMI Software

The selection of SCADA Human Machine Interface (HMI) software is fairly straight-forward.  We choose ‘off-the-shelf’ products which are non-proprietary in nature, giving the client ready access to a number of integrators.

Most products perform similarly, with just the ease of development between the various products being different.  Some are easier to learn and expand than others.  Depending upon the Client’s developmental needs, a selection is made, usually with the easiest to develop, being selected.

While some packages may have better ‘math’ functions, etc., these do not typically come into play, as we recommend the ‘intelligent’ RTU/PLC product perform those functions.

This approach makes the HMI SCADA software package truly a ‘window’ into the SCADA system, rather than ‘engine’ behind the system.

  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Intellution I-FIX
  • CiTechnologies  Citect
  • National Instruments  Lookout
  • Others with Modbus Interface


It should be noted that there are some SCADA HMI packages, which are more difficult to work with, and which do not feature wide areas of support.  We normally do not recommend these, as they provide the client with less support with greater exposure and risk.